Bespoke illustrations

It’s super easy to commission your own bespoke illustration with me. Take a look at my portfolio to see a range of different commission’s I’ve created for other customers, or if you have something in mind then get in touch to discuss.

  • Price guide:

    • This table provides indicative pricing for all of my most popular illustrations. All pricing is based on an A4 size illustration in which print, packaging and postage is included. Your illustration will come unframed, printed on high quality satin finish photo paper using an ink jet printing method. You can also request to have larger print sizes or multiple prints.

    • Bespoke person(s) illustration | £65.00 for 1 person, +£35.00 for each additional person thereafter
    • Bespoke dog(s) illustration | £70.00 for 1 dog, +£35.00 for each additional dog thereafter
    • Bespoke house illustration | £70.00 for 1 standard size house (less than 10 front facing windows)
    • Bespoke combination (e.g. house + person) | £65.00 for the house, +£35 for each additional person or animal there after
    • Bespoke bouquet illustration | Your wedding bouquet illustrated for £45.00 
    • Bespoke cocktail (glass of) illustration | £45.00 
    • Bespoke bottle illustration | £45.00
    • Other | Price upon request

  • Illustration FAQ's

    • How long until I get my bespoke illustration?
      Due to high demand, there is currently a 4-5 week lead time on all bespoke illustrations. If you have a specific date you require your illustration for, then please let me know as early as possible.
    • How long does it take?
      Each illustration varies, a bespoke illustration can take anywhere from a few hours, to a few days depending on complexity. Pricing is usually reflective of the time required to produce your bespoke creation.
    • How do I order?
      Simply fill in the order/waiting list form, and let me know what you would like for your illustration. I’ll then add you to my order list. When I’m ready to start on your illustration, I’ll be in touch to gain more information and reference photos before I begin.
    • How do I pay?
      Payment is taken in full, after the illustration is complete via a secure PayPal invoicing system. You will receive a digital low-resolution proof image with watermarks in order for you to check that you are happy with the drawing. Once happy, you will then  receive your payment link. Once payment has been received, you will receive a high resolution digital file, along with your printed copy in the post.
    • What about postage?
      Your illustration will be printed on either A4/A3 (depending on your requirements), and posted first class Royal Mail. It will be securely packaged in cardboard, bubble wrap and cellophane to ensure it gets to you safe and sound. Postage takes between 2-4 days (UK) from dispatch depending on Royal Mail.
    • What do you need from me?
      The better the photos, the better the illustration. So before you order please ensure you can get hold of clear, crisp, front facing photos of the subjects/objects you would like illustrating. It’s important that I can clearly see features/details in order for me to draw them. Please remember that I will have not seen the object/person before, so the photos and direction you provide me will be all I have to go on (I can only draw what I see). Please ensure you provide me with all the information/reference material up front, the more the better.
    • What’s your technique? 
      I draw all illustrations free-hand (but digitally), which means I do not trace or use photo editing software to create my work. The benefit to this is that I can easily combine people/objects into one picture, and I can draw them in any pose/situation you desire.
    • What else do I need to know?
      People illustrations are drawn in a caricature style, which means that the drawing will have a strong likeness to the person depicted, but will not be an exact copy (I am not a realistic portrait artist). So try not to get too hung up on the detail (e.g. my nan has 8 wrinkles and you’ve drawn 4) My illustrations are intended to be fun, and will show a likeness but are not intended to be exact copies.

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Please tell me a little bit about what you want for your bespoke illustration using the form below, I’ll then get back to you as soon as possible to discuss your requirements further.

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